Artist Spotlight: Louise Golbey

Artist Spotlight: Louise Golbey

An art form that has held a responsibility of being authentic like no other is music. No matter the genre people come to music feel something real. Something that resonates in a major way, that goes beyond just something that sounds good, but something that can people can listen to and feel a connection with the artist, that says that they can relate to everything we’re going through. That connection is crucial for an artist to last the times with the listener and Louise Golbey brings timeless music with her new project “Renaissance”.

A 12 track, 46 minutes that covers a wide range of topics and emotions from love, heartbreak, as well as her perspective on the pandemic to take the listener on a music journey like no other. Louise’s vocals are packed with soul throughout and makes you feel the flavor in her approach that makes each record vibe to the fullest. Kicking it off with the title track “Renaissance” that sets the ultimate tone as soon as you hear the horns, and her commanding presence the shines through. A personal favorite is “I Give in Easy”. One of the funkier tracks that captures a funky sound reminiscent of pro soul music in the early 2000’s capped off with a rap verse by D.O. Gibson that takes it over the top .

Louise Golbey’s “Renaissance” is a well crafted masterpiece that gives the people its all in a major way. Each track stands out in the care in it, as the many intricacies in the music working together to a divine level to make sure, we get a master class of music that we can listen to and find something new to enjoy every time, as well as something real to make us leave with more than we came in, with Louise pouring into the listener for every second she gives us.

Check out Louise Golbey “Renaissance” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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