Slow Caves – Before I Leave

Slow Caves has some of the most brilliant songwriting you will hear out there on their new song “Before I Leave”.

Annie Elise – We Can Pretend

Annie Elise gives her all to the listener on her new song “We Can Pretend”

FÉ – It’s Over Now

FÉ is truly a talent that can do it all with her new song “It’s Over Now” being a shining example of her artistry


JOSHUA+ brings a vibrant summer smash on his new song “ICE CREAM CAKE”.


KXDS brings an exciting experience full of appeal on the new song “VULTURE”.


VALLEY GRL shows incredible innovation to make an alt pop sound like no other on the new song “CONTACT HIGH”.

Tahira – Audacity

Tahira puts all of her talent on full bloom to show she’s the real deal on the new song “Audacity”.

Rxtherapper – Black Roses

Rxtherapper pen is on another plateau on his new song “Black Roses”

5WEST – Anything Can Happen (Remix by Benny Benassi )

5WEST enlists the help of Benny Benassi to make a major remix to their song “Anything Can Happen”.

The Lesson GK Featuring DJ Premier – Boogie

The Lesson GK and DJ Premier come together to make music you can feel on the new song “Boogie”.