Aimee Vant – 11:11

Aimee Vant makes a mega hit that’s right on time with her song “11:11”.

Big Loser – Cold Blood

Big Loser creates a world around you on their new song “Cold Blood”

SUN/MGNETK X Smoothsaylin – What You Want

SUN/MGNETK and Smoothsaylin come together to make something beyond words on the new song “What You Want”

Ivy Rose – I’ve Been Watching You

Ivy Rose marvels at making must hear music on her new song “I’ve Been Watching You”

Running Touch – Juno

Running Touch is a super talent that artistry shines over the new song “Juno”.

Sam Sherrod – Goodbye

At Global World we hear a lot of music, so sometimes writing about it can feel pretty routine, like going through the motions. Goodbye by Sam Sherrod instantly took me from autopilot to alert. This record was a pleasure to

Gild Walton – Convince My Mind

Gild Walton gives her all on this acoustic masterpiece “Convince My Mind”.

Flortcha Flow – Before I Write This Song

Flortcha Flow bring an out of this world sound that shows where soul and appeal meet on “Before I Write This Song”

Josh Fudge – Hit My Line

Josh Fudge displays all of his talents to make a one of a kind record on the new song “Hit My Line”.

Emmit Fenn – Edge of the Dark

Emmit Fenn is beyond genres, that you can put in a box with his latest release “Edge of the Dark” being the greatest example of that.