Sam Johnson – Peter Pan

Sam Johnson shows how much soul music can still have on his new song “Peter Pan”

Don Marae – Gentle

Don Marae shows her range to make a pop masterpiece on her new song “Gentle”

Daughters of Noise! – Sunshine

Daughters of Noise! brings an exciting video for their song “Sunshine”

Evie Irie – Little More Love

Evie Irie gives the love the world needs on her new song “Little More Love”

Moodssupply featuring Montéa – Forever

Moodssupply links with Montéa to bring you an infectious record, you won’t be able to ignore on the new song “Forever”

WHIPPED CREAM Featuring Finn Askew – I Won’t Let You Fall

WHIPPED CREAM come together with Finn Askew for the heartbreaking new single “I Won’t Let You Fall”

Jalle – Pick Me Up

Hear the nest big thing in music on Jalle’s new song “Pick Me Up”

Matilde Girasole – Cup Of Tea

Matilde Girasole crafts together an instant favorite on her new song “Cup Of Tea”

Shaylen – Forgive Myself

Shaylen gives some of her most honest work to date on her new song “Forgive Myself”.

Caleb Peters – Falling

Caleb Peters sounds like a sure star on his new big record “Falling”