C Cane – First Person

C Cane – First Person

The subjectivity of music is something that can make it divisive. Everyone hearing things based on their on preference, but as much as that is so it’s also something that brings people together, especially a great love song. Those records that put our vulnerable thoughts and emotion into words better than we ever could through song to make us think about the special people in our life. Most of us have fell in love with music because of love songs and C Cane’s brings you one of those records that connect with you in that way on the new song “First Person”.

C Cane brings an amazing genre bending approach to make the perfect love song for the times on the fresh release “First Person”. It’s the perfect storm of great music with her bringing a drill sound in the production that gives it an edge thats engaging, and balances it all with her masterful vocals that the soul in shines through majorly. As you take in the magic of it all you get to hear the heartfelt lyrics that are crafted with care, to make sure it stands out as something real for the people to feel, as well as a song you will be definitely be sending to someone you care about, on this record that has all the right words for us.

C Cane’s “First Person” is a song rooted in soul to show the powerful connection music will forever have when done right. The intimate experience of music is everything that makes you fall in love with music, as well as the person behind it, with you being able to feel the love put into the music on full bloom to make just want to feel the energy of the music, that will have you vibing out with no limits for time to come.

Check out C Cane “First Person” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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