RE Moesli – Maria Mia

RE Moesli has a star presence that grabs you right away on his new song “Maria Mia”.

Amïn – Phillie.

Amïn delivers something beyond words on his new song “Phillie.”

Kat Dahlia – Tu Turtora

Kat Dahlia helps you stunt on your ex with this new bilingual smash “Tu Turtora”.

Johnny Plugz – Gimme The Loot

Johnny Plugz provides an infinite amount of flex on his new song “Gimme The Loot”.

Isabela Merced x Danna Paola – Don’t Go

Isabela Merced comes together with Danna Paola to craft a must here experience, musically and visually on the new song “Don’t Go”

Kat Dahlia – Facil (Music Video)

Kat Dahlia shows off her star presence in a real way on the new song “Facil”

Amaru Cloud – Oh No

Amaru Cloud continues to deliver masterpieces on his new song “Oh No”.

Awgust x Sofía Reyes – Never

Awgust and Sofía Reyes come together and show off their star power on the new song “Never”

Alexandra Stan Featuring LiToo – Tikari

Alexandra Stan links with LiToo to make music that will make you dance on the new song “Tikari”

The Plug x Lacrim x Morad – De Aqui Pa Ya

Hear the new sounds from The Plug, Lacrim, and Morad on the new song “De Aqui Pa Ya”