Nicky Jam Featuring French Montana and Dzharo & Khanza – You Are My High (Remix)

Nicky Jam brings together French Montana, and Dzharo & Khanza on the trilingual smash “You Are My High (Remix)”.

dae zhen – La Doña

The super talented dae zhen brings a bilingual smash on his new song “La Doña”.

Nanu – Badditude

Nanu makes a bilingual must hear record on her new song “Badditude”.

Angelo Reeves x Tory Hanzo – Juice

Angelo Reeves delivers a masterpiece filled with flex on his new song “Juice” with Tory Hanzo.

Gwal – La Presión

Gwal brings a sound that’s packed with slick Spanish bars and a velvety flow, that will get you out of your seat on his new song “La Presión”.

Julie Tuzet – Tarde

Julie Tuzet brings a sound with feel good grooves and melodies that’s hard not to enjoy on her new song “Tarde”.

LATENIGHTJIGGY – donde tu ta? feat. The Rudeboyz

LATENIGHTJIGGY comes together with The Rudeboyz to make a song you hope never ends on the new song “donde tu ta?”.

RE Moesli – Maria Mia

RE Moesli has a star presence that grabs you right away on his new song “Maria Mia”.

Amïn – Phillie.

Amïn delivers something beyond words on his new song “Phillie.”

Kat Dahlia – Tu Turtora

Kat Dahlia helps you stunt on your ex with this new bilingual smash “Tu Turtora”.