Andy Mineo – Always In A Rush

Andy Mineo makes a record that slows down time in the new song “Always In A Rush”.

Leland Philpot x Cordell Paige – Break The Chains

Leland Philpot and Cordell Paige bring the new age gospel on the new song “Break The Chains”

Andy Mineo – Jackson Pollock (Music Video)

Andy Mineo makes undeniable music that will get you out of your seat on his new song “Jackson Pollock”

Cellus Hamilton – Beautiful One (Official Video)

Cellus Hamilton shows off his lyrical ability , while creating an intimate experience for his fans on his new song “Beautiful One”.

Da’ T.R.U.T.H. x Swoope x Greg Cox – Never Fail

Da’T.R.U.T.H., Swoope, and Gary Cox link up to give the good word on the new song “Never Fail (Remix)”

Jen N Juice – Do DAMAGE

Jen N Juice is back putting in work with her new song “Do DAMAGE”

Jen N Juice – Pushing Concrete

Jen N Juice shines through on her new song “Pushing Concrete”

Michael Nobody – 30 Hours Freestyle

Michael Nobody gives you the real on his new song “30 Hours Freestyle”