Mask On

BIC PSA – Mask On


Something that we wanted to make sure to capture during this project was education. With many children and adults having to deal with the effects of virtual schooling, during this pandemic we tried our best to find a fun way

Symptoms of COVID

Every piece for this project was important, but it was a must that we were able to showcase something that pointed out the symptoms of COVID. Especially in the beginning, everything was new and many people had it without knowing.

Experiencing Homelessness

The task of this piece was to put special emphasis on wearing a mask. In a time where the subject can divide, we wanted to show how anyone can grasp that concept, in the most digestible way possible. We used

Isolation of Elders

This PSA was our first film project for the BIC and Kent County Health Department to show the effects of COVID. We chose the topic of Isolation of Elders because the pandemic, effected the way we all interact with the