Nanu – Badditude

Nanu makes a bilingual must hear record on her new song “Badditude”.


ROCHELLE JORDAN makes an instant classic on her new song “ALL ALONG”.

Sia Shells x Ekelle – Magic Girl

Sia Shells comes together with Ekelle to make an anthem for women everywhere on the new song “Magic Girl”

Upprcaze – PLANZ

Upprcaze brings all the vibes you need on her new song “PLANZ” .

Rosebudd – Expressions

Rosebudd starts the year baring it all for her fans on the new song “Expressions”.

Tamara Bubble – I’m That Good

Tamara Bubble releases some of her biggest music yet on her new song “I’m That Good”.

Mothica – Forever Fifteen

Mothica gives some of her most honest work to date on her new song “Forever Fifteen”

aryy – flashlight

A daring soulful masterpiece is what you get from aryy on her new song “flashlight”.

Gild Walton – Convince My Mind

Gild Walton gives her all on this acoustic masterpiece “Convince My Mind”.

Julie Tuzet – Tarde

Julie Tuzet brings a sound with feel good grooves and melodies that’s hard not to enjoy on her new song “Tarde”.