2012 Bid Adieu – Sanity

2012 Bid Adieu blends genres to make a masterpiece on his new song “Sanity”.

Sunny – Apollo

Sunny shows off her masterful tone to make something special on the new song “Apollo”.

dae zhen – La Doña

The super talented dae zhen brings a bilingual smash on his new song “La Doña”.


ROCHELLE JORDAN makes an instant classic on her new song “ALL ALONG”.

Sia Shells x Ekelle – Magic Girl

Sia Shells comes together with Ekelle to make an anthem for women everywhere on the new song “Magic Girl”

Upprcaze – PLANZ

Upprcaze brings all the vibes you need on her new song “PLANZ” .

Honey Co. – Snooze

Honey Co. brings a sound that feels like you’re walking on clouds on the new song “Snooze”.

Clever Featuring Chris Brown – Rolls Royce Umbrella

Clever comes together with Chris Brown to make an emotional banger on the new song “Rolls Royce Umbrella”

Kuk seung pyo featuring Caleb Chase – Why Do You

Kuk seung pyo delivers a song you won’t be able to get enough of on his new song “Why Do You”

Tai Verdes – Bad Bad News

Tai Verdes delivers the blues on his new song “Bad Bad News”.