JOSHUA+ brings a vibrant summer smash on his new song “ICE CREAM CAKE”.


KXDS brings an exciting experience full of appeal on the new song “VULTURE”.


VALLEY GRL shows incredible innovation to make an alt pop sound like no other on the new song “CONTACT HIGH”.

Tahira – Audacity

Tahira puts all of her talent on full bloom to show she’s the real deal on the new song “Audacity”.

Rxtherapper – Black Roses

Rxtherapper pen is on another plateau on his new song “Black Roses”

The Lesson GK Featuring DJ Premier – Boogie

The Lesson GK and DJ Premier come together to make music you can feel on the new song “Boogie”.

Potatohead People & Posdnous (De La Soul) Featuring Kapok – Baby Got Work (Remix by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Kaidi Tatham)

The powerful collaboration of Potatohead People, Posdnous, Kapok, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Kaidi Tatham shines light on Hip Hop with the new remix of “Baby Got Work”.

Smokiecoco – M54 (Telf to Birmingham)

Smokiecoco bring an ultra saucy sound that you will enjoy every minute of on the new song “M54 (Telf to Birmingham)”.

Marian Hill featuring Yung Baby Tate – oOo that’s my type

Marian Hill comes together with Yung Baby Tate to make a genre blending smash on the new song “oOo that’s my type”.

Ice Meez – Cruisen

Ice Meez taps into his super powers on his new song “Cruisen”.