Andy Mineo – Momma Taught Me

Check out the new release from Any Mineo’s new project “Happy Thoughts” called “Momma Taught Me”

MOL$ Featuring twikipedia – bubble soda

MOL$ and twikipedia come together to create an exciting display of music on the new song “bubble soda”.

Naya Ali – Air Ali

Naya Ali truly sounds like the next big thing on her new song “Air Ali”

Wes Tarte – Snooze

Wes Tarte brings that raw energy that is captivating and intriguing on the new song “Snooze”

GRZLY Featuring RUIN, Joey Suprata, Shedim – PICASSO

GRZLY comes together with RUIN, Joey Suprata, and Shedim to craft together a lyrical masterpiece with the new song “PICASSO”

SWEETS – Ashtray Cowboy

SWEETS delivers authentic Hip Hop at it’s finest on his new song “Ashtray Cowboy”.

Justin Christopher – I saw RED

Justin Christopher makes some of his boldest music yet on his new song “I saw RED”

The Game Featuring Lil Wayne – A.I. With The Braids

The Game and Lil Wayne come together for another monumental collaboration on the new song “A.I. With the Braids”.

Criss Jrumz – Windows

Criss Jrumz continues to deliver magnum opus work with his new song “Windows”.

Rahli – Headhunna

Rahli makes a must hear club anthem on his new song “Headhunna”