Sity XX – Girls From My City

Sity XX collabs with Josif Grey for the new song “Girls From My City”

Blue Heaven – Jane Doe

Blue Heaven makes a smash that you can’t go without on the new song “Jane Doe”

C’haii Summers – U

C’haii Summers brings the perfect blend of new age swagger, and throwback feel for the world to enjoy on his new song “U”.

Chillknot – Sober

Chillknot delivers musical magic on the new song “Sober”.


PORS! delivers the perfect blend of feel good production and heavy writing on the new song “FLOWERS IN MARCH”.

Symphonic – How Much You Wanna Bet?

Symphonic brings that raw energy that is captivating on the new song “How Much You Wanna Bet?”

Noah Sims – Shadowman

Noah Sims brings a work of art that shows just how powerful music can be on “Shadowman”.

LocalBlac- We Outside! (Official Video)

LocalBlac makes a record with unlimited replay value on his new song “We Outside!”.

Future Jr. – Running Away

Future Jr. showcases tremendous talent that you must hear on his new song “Running Away”.

Gwal – La Presión

Gwal brings a sound that’s packed with slick Spanish bars and a velvety flow, that will get you out of your seat on his new song “La Presión”.