Rosewood Swing – On Me

Rosewood Swing is impressive on his new video “On Me”

chrisfrmkro – sheba

chrisfrmkro brings his best work to date on his new song “sheba”

Euphorik – Faint

Euphorik gives you more on his new chill record “Faint”

GFTD Featuring Jackie Paladino – Soothe the Soul

GFTD keeps the Wu legacy going on the new song “Soothe the Soul” featuring Jackie Paladino

Carson C Lee – Danksy

Go on a musical journey with Carson C Lee on his new song “Danksy”

Moemaw Naedon Featuring Calig Kontra – Slime Volcano

Mowmaw Naedon links with Calig Kontra to create undeniable fire on the new song “Slime Volcano”

ZillaKami (City Morgue) Featuring Nascar Aloe – ACAB (Official Video)

ZillaKami from City Morgue links with Nascar Aloe on the new video “ACAB”

Zairah – Que Paso

Zairah brings an infinite amount of swagger on her new song “Que Paso”

Jessie G – Goblin

Jessie G is a lyrical monster on his new song “Goblin”

HAUNTER Featuring R I L E Y – Miss Me

HAUNTER and R I L E Y come together to make must hear music on the new song “Miss Me”