Weston Estate – Saturday Nights

Weston Estate brings the world a heartfelt masterpiece on the new song “Saturday Nights”.

Angelic Montero – Y U Wanna

Angelic Montero taps into a classic to give something fresh on her new song “Y U Wanna”.

Dylan and Dakota – Baddie

Dylan and Dakota shine in their debut “Baddie”

Youknowlando – Just Love Me Now

Youknowlando blends genres to a genius level to make something special on his new song “Just Love Me Now”.

Will the Wolf – I See You

Will the Wolf delivers a masterpiece you must hear on his new song “I See You”.

NOVA – Replay

NOVA creates a musical experience you will be thankful to be apart of on the new song “Replay”.


MICHELLE brings throwback feel to make something just hear on the new song “UNBOUND”

Freeman Young Featuring Miguel Maravilla – Red Pill

Freeman Young comes together with Miguel Maravilla shows his ability to switch it up on his new song “Red Pill”

Erik Frank – Low Key

Erik Frank delivers musical brilliance on his new song “Low Key”.

Otev – Value Jam Session

Get familiar with Otev on his intimate release “Value Jam Session