Master Pen: Mirdondada

Mirdondada breaks down the master pen behind his new song “Pull Off In Ghost”

Global Media R&B Spotify Playlist (05/31/2020)

Tracklist: Violet Capri featuring Jide – Fiening (Remix) Kevin Paul – Search 4 U Sarina – Bite Back Freeman Young – Running Back JONES – Giving It Up Stalk Ashley featuring …

Toni Braxton – Do It

Toni Braxton continues to marvel on her new heartfelt record “Do It”

Dyo – Real (2020)

Get familiar with the ultra talented Dyo on her new song “Real 2020”

Cal Maro – Bad

Cal Maro is super soulful on his new song “Bad”


Hear the soulful sound of Ant Saunders on the new song “MISCOMMUNICATIONS”

Ayelle Featuring Rationale – Choice

Ayelle is back with more great music on her new collab with Rationale “Choice”

Shilpa – Lonely

Shilpa touches the soul with her new song “Lonely”

ELIS NOA – Still Nothing (Goddamn)

ELIS NOA shows their talents in a soulful way on the new song “Still Nothing (Goddamn)”

All Smiles – Wings

All Smiles has something for the people with his song “Wings”

Jane Q. Public – Sugar Water

Jane Q Public has a sweet refreshing sound on her song “Sugar Water”

Zach Matari – Risk It All

Zach Matari makes an undeniable smash with his song “Risk It All”