Des – Back to Skewl

Des tackles real issues in the most digestible way possible to make something special on his new song “Back to Skew

Santino Le Saint Featuring Cruz Cafuné – Serotonin

Santino Le Saint is a multi-talented artist who puts all of his talents on display, for the world to enjoy on his new song “Serotonin”

Bonnié – Struggle Bus

Bonnié steps up and delivers a masterpiece on his new song “Struggle Bus”.

Lil Toe – Crème Brûlée

Lil Toe lets his signature style shine to the fullest on his new song “Crème Brûlée”

Yung Gravy – yup! (Official Video)

Yung Gravy brings a fun record the people will enjoy on his new song “yup!”

Lady Ace Boogie: That’s All For Now (Album Review)

Lady Ace Boogie gives her finest work on her new project “That’s All For Now”

Holy Moe – NO BEEF

Holy Moe jumps in his bag and blows the naysayers away on the new song “NO BEEF”.