Jidé – WhoisJidé (Album Review)

Jidé is in his finest hour on his new project “WhoisJidé”

Syla – OneTwentyFour

Syla has some of the best songwriting you will hear out there on her new song “OneTwentyFour”

Abrax Phaeton – Psycho (Prod by Qi Beats)

Abrax Phaeton steps up and delivers in every way on his new song “Psycho”

Valley Boy – Cigarette

Valley Boy gives you a super cool sound, with a story you can feel on their new song “Cigarette”.

iiiConic – Buzz

Must hear music is what you from iiiConic on his new song “Buzz”.

HEIGHTS – Hypertension

HEIGHTS gives the world a soulful masterpiece on her new song “Hypertension”.

Stockz – Dangerous

Stockz is in his bag and untouchable on his new song “Dangerous”.