Too Close For Comfort – ROSE GOLD LIGHTS

Too Close For Comfort – ROSE GOLD LIGHTS

One of the most exciting things to hear in music is artists going for it. That thrilling energy to the music that you can hear them giving their all to, as they go for gold to bring a sound that is meant to take over the world. That type of music will always be captivating, and Too Close For Comfort is truly impossible to ignore on the new song “ROSE GOLD LIGHTS”.

A powerful single from this brilliant group, with this fresh release tackling the theme of stage fright with an uplifting message. The song’s powerful lyrics convey the anxiety of performing but emphasize that belief in oneself and trust in supportive friends can overcome any fear. It comes to life with a dynamic blend of energetic guitar riffs, powerful percussion, and emotive vocals, that work together to create an anthemic feel that resonates with listeners. The band’s ability to combine raw emotion with a positive outlook makes this track a standout, offering both comfort and motivation to anyone facing their own challenges.

Check out Too Close For Comfort “ROSE GOLD LIGHTS” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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