Julesy – Mouthing Words

Julesy – Mouthing Words

The magic of an acoustic sound is you get to hear everything. Being able to get an experience of music that lets you connect to the writing, and vocals in a way to let the authenticity of the sound flourish. That intimate experience that the music is able to make with that approach its like no other, as you get to feel the soul of the music to the fullest. That approach is on full bloom for us to enjoy fromĀ Julesy with her new release “Mouthing Words”.

A captivating heartfelt masterpiece that keeps you wrapped up in the emotion for every second. The song showcases Julesy’s delicate yet powerful vocal delivery, creating an intimate atmosphere that draws listeners in a real way. The acoustic instrumentation, paired with subtle pop elements, gives the track a modern twist while maintaining its folk roots, that sets the tone perfectly as the record explores themes of connection and communication, resonating with anyone who’s struggled to express their feelings. The songwriting shines through, making this a record that connects at a high level to show the infinite power music will forever have over us all.

Check out Julesy “Mouthing Words” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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