Elhee – Gonna Be Young

Elhee – Gonna Be Young

A great sound is one you can feel. That touch to the music that takes over you, as you put everything to the side to slow down, and the explore the sound you’re hearing. That music is always something great because it gives you an experience of music, that you can get lost in to make it timeless. That type of sound is what you get from Elhee on their new song “Gonna Be Young”.

A brilliant Pop and EDM infused sound that does everything right to make fans of us all. The song blends sweet emotive vocals with intricate production, to create a soundscape that is both atmospheric and rhythmically engaging, to give fans something fresh and exciting. This record is characterized by its lush synth layers, driving melodies, and introspective lyrics. This record shines in its ability to fuse heartfelt lyrics with modern electronic elements, to make a compelling release to explore the many intricacies that work together that make this song great.

Check out Elhee “Gonna Be Young” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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