One thing there is not a shortage of is new music. Countless releases daily to pick from, but one thing there is a shortage of is must hear music. Music that is undeniable in it’s approach that you can’t get enough, as you get engulfed in the artistry in a real way. Those records are why we do what we do, and BUNT. and Mapei come together for one of those records on the new song “TRIPPIN”.

A high-energy anthem that fuses intricate production with emotional depth. Opening with atmospheric synths and high pitched vocals, the song builds to an exhilarating drop that combines energetic beats with soaring melodies, conveying emotion while the dynamic structure balances intensity with reflective moments. The blend of electronic elements and organic sounds creates a unique texture, making this an exciting experience that feels like you’re at the festival of a lifetime getting lost in the music.

Check out BUNT. and Mapei “TRIPPIN” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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