The Knockaround Band – Dancing on Tables

The Knockaround Band – Dancing on Tables

Music is something that is everywhere we go. Now more than ever there’s no shortage of music to dive into, but something that feels like it’s missing, is that music that sounds happy. Those feel good tunes that brighten your day as the happy energy to the music, resonates to make you enjoy it even more. That type of music gets harder to find by the day, but The Knockaround Band delivers that music on the new song “Dancing on Tables”.

A refreshing blend of Pop and Rock that adds more life to the music scene. The song exudes an upbeat, feel-good vibe with catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, that serves up the fun writing that really shines in the big time chorus. The energetic guitar riffs and vibrant vocals create an uplifting atmosphere that resonates with listeners, as they showcase their knack for crafting memorable tunes that blends a nice raw edge with pop’s accessibility, making it a perfect anthem just in time for Summer, that is sure to leave fans smiling and wanting more.

Check out The Knockaround Band “Dancing on Tables” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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