CLEAN BANDIT x Jhosy x PISO 21 – Mar Azul

CLEAN BANDIT x Jhosy x PISO 21 – Mar Azul

The Summer season is in full swing. Bringing hot weather with great vibes that makes everyone want to enjoy life more. Not only are people looking for festive times but they are also looking for the records that will fit these times. Those vibrant records that shine bright in their pursuit to make must hear music that will serve as the perfect anthems for the season. If you’re looking for the right record you will surely find it in CLEAN BANDIT, Jhosy, and PISO 21 new song “Mar Azul”.

A feel good Latin pop anthem that radiates positivity and joy. The song features vibrant melodies, infectious rhythms, and a tropical vibe that transports listeners to a sunny vibrant destination. The brilliant fusion of the smooth vocals and energetic energy in the sound blends perfectly with the electronic sound, create one cohesive must hear sound. The song not only marvels in the sound but lyrically it shines just as much, with the words bringing to life the bliss of carefree moments, making this record an ideal summer soundtrack, with the feel-good atmosphere ensuring it will be a favorite for this Summer Season.

Check out CLEAN BANDIT, Jhosy, and PISO 21 “Mar Azul” below and follow on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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