Montell2099 – GO!

Montell2099 – GO!

Happy Friday!!! It’s the end of the new week but the start of some great new music to start your weekend off with. It’s all about excellence on Friday’s to make sure we start you on the weekend on the most positive note possible and nothing exudes excellence more than this stand out new song from Montell2099 called “GO!”.

A dynamic blend of dance pop and Trap EDM, that showcases the artist’s signature energetic style. The track features big time percussion, vibrant synths, sweet vocals that work together perfectly, to make it an instant crowd-pleaser. Montell2099 effortlessly fuses pop sensibilities with hard-hitting trap elements, to create a sound that’s both mainstream-friendly and underground edgy. The song’s infectious rhythm and powerful drops are designed to get listeners moving, whether in a club or at a festival to make a high-energy anthem that resonate with fans for time to come.

Check out Montell2099 “GO!” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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