Lady Gaga – Alice (Lit Wilson Remix)

Lady Gaga – Alice (Lit Wilson Remix)

When covering music it always makes things that much tougher. Competing with what people already love about the original, while bringing new life to the music in a way that they can not only enjoy your rendition, but appreciate your special take to give the more reasons to like the song. Lit Wilson delivers in a major way to make their own special remix of Lady Gaga’s “Alice”.

Lit Wilson’s EDM remix of Lady Gaga’s “Alice” transforms the original pop track into a high-energy dance anthem that you don’t want to miss out on. Infusing pulsating beats with vibrant electronic elements, Wilson’s remix amplifies the song’s dynamic range and club appeal. It maintains the essence of Gaga’s powerful vocals while introducing invigorating drops and an infectious rhythm that captivates listeners everywhere. This reimagined version of “Alice” is perfect for both EDM enthusiasts and fans of the original, showcasing Lit Wilson’s adeptness in blending pop and electronic dance music into a compelling, fresh experience for the world to enjoy.

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