Joshua J Featuring Xenia Manasseh – Blessings

Joshua J Featuring Xenia Manasseh – Blessings

Nothing comes to a song that feels good to the soul. Records that are just filled with bright sounds and melodies working together to make one joyous sound, that does wonders to the spirit have long played apart in why we all love music, as well as last the times with us continuing to run to these records when we need a pick me up, or need to score some of the best times of our lives. That rich tradition of music is what shines in the new release from Joshua J called “Blessings” featuring Xenia Manasseh.

A vibrant foray into the Afrobeats genre, radiating positivity and rhythmic allure. The song features infectious rhythm, rich percussion, and smooth melodies that create an irresistible groove. The warm and charismatic vocals deliver heartfelt lyrics celebrating gratitude and the good things in life. The production is polished, blending traditional Afrobeats elements with contemporary sounds, to create a refreshing and dynamic listening experience, that stands out as a feel-good anthem, perfectly capturing the essence of joy and celebration, that resonates to the fullest.

Check out Joshua J Featuring Xenia Manasseh “Blessings” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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