DEEROCK x Jake Neumar – Out of Love

DEEROCK x Jake Neumar – Out of Love

With the weather getting warmer by the day, people are looking for music that fit the times. Those hot infectious records that sound like the perfect soundtrack to your weekend, as you enjoy the festive times and the music that comes along with it. That type of party music is something you get from DEEROCK and Jake Neumar with the new song “Out of Love”.

A dance-pop collaboration between DEEROCK and Jake Neumar, that delivers an electrifying and euphoric experience. The record combines big time production with captivating vocals, resulting in a powerful blend of infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The vibrant melodies, pulsating grooves, and dynamic drops, are designed to get listeners moving while resonating on a spiritual level, as you get lost in the themes of love and heartbreak, conveyed through an energetic soundscape that balances intensity with melodic sweetness, to make a song that stands out as a compelling and dance-worthy addition to the music scene.

Check out DEEROCK and Jake Neumer “Out of Love” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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