Common Crime – Ghosted

Common Crime – Ghosted

With so much music releasing daily it’s important for the music not wasting any time with making something engaging. Bringing music to the world that grabs you instantly and makes you keep listening to hear the magic in the sound that is coming to life, right before our eyes and ears. That type of music is what you get from Common Crime on the new song “Ghosted”.

An electrifying alt rock/punk anthem that captures the raw emotion of being abruptly cut off in a relationship. Tapping into the influence of Paramore and Sum41 the song’s driving guitars, punchy drums, and edgy vocals convey a mix of frustration, confusion, and defiance. Their intense energy and gritty sound amplify the angst and bewilderment of being ghosted, making the listener feel every lyric to their core. The stand out chorus and relentless pace keep the momentum high, ensuring “Ghosted” resonates with anyone who has experienced this modern dating dilemma, with Common Crime’s musical prowess delivering powerful and relatable punk-infused rock.

Check out Common Crime “Ghosted” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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