There will forever a debate on what’s “real” music. What makes a song real is truly up to the listener, as everyone has their own criteria that makes up their own standard of authenticity, but for us real music is that music you can feel. That music that resonates with you far beyond something sounding nice, but a true connection that you feel. That’s what shines the brightest about ARIA’s new song “BAD NEWS”.

An exhilarating genre bending pop-rock song that seamlessly integrates a hip hop touch, to create a fresh and dynamic sound worth buying in to. The track is driven by powerful guitar riffs and energetic percussion, while ARIA’s commanding vocals deliver the heartfelt relatable lyrics. The hip hop influence is evident in the verses over the crisp production, adding a contemporary edge to the classic pop-rock foundation. This fresh release is both relatable and empowering, with ARIA charismatic delivery, combined with the song’s innovative blend of genres, ensures to ensure is a standout anthem that resonates deeply with listeners.

Check out ARIA “BAD NEWS” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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