Scars on Louise – Dead to me

Scars on Louise – Dead to me

Many songs have their own special way of connecting with the people. With some records they are a slow burn and takes time to really enjoy the things about it that make it great, and then there are some songs that just grab you instantly. Whether it be the approach to the sound, or a strong vocal performance, or even the substance in the writing that can be relatable, the reasons why a song can grab you are truly limitless and Scars on Louise gives you all of that and more on the new song “Dead to me”.

A raw and powerful exploration of broken love and emotional betrayal. This intense track combines powerful melodies with cinematic instrumentation, reflecting the anguish and finality of severing ties with a loved one. The poignant lyrics delve into the pain of heartache and the resolve to move forward, despite the lingering scar, with the evocative vocals conveying deep emotion, to make the song relatable to anyone who’s experienced a tumultuous breakup, on this stand out compelling anthem of resilience and liberation from a toxic relationship.

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