Leland Philpot – We Movin’

Leland Philpot – We Movin’

Music has long been able to serve many purposes, especially being able to make people feel good. Some of the most legendary songs out there have lasted the times, due to the way it has made people feel. Serving as the perfect soundtrack to good times, as well as that thing we need to hear to get our spirits lifted. That type of music is what you get from this new release from Leland Philpot called “We Movin’”.

A high-energy, uplifting Christian hip-hop track that inspires and energizes listeners everywhere. The dynamic sound, spirited flow, and empowering lyrics, come together majorly to celebrate faith, perseverance, and forward momentum. Philpot’s charismatic delivery and positive message resonate throughout, emphasizing the importance of trust in God and the power of community. The infectious sound and catchy chorus make “We Movin” an anthem for anyone seeking motivation and spiritual upliftment, as well as the perfect song for energizing workouts or personal moments of inspiration, to showcase Leland Philpot’s talent for blending faith and music in a compelling way.

Check out Leland Philpot “We Movin'” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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