Gwyn Love x La+ch – happy 2 b here

Gwyn Love x La+ch – happy 2 b here

Music is always fun when it feels good to hear. When it’s able to give you something so fresh yet so familiar that makes you fall in love with the experience of the sound instantly. That type of feel always has a way of making come back for more with the infectious vibes of it all, going wonders to us all and thats what you get from this new collaboration from Gwyn Love and La+ch called “happy 2 b here”

An infectious feel-good song just in time for summer that radiates positivity and joy. It’s upbeat tempo, catchy melodies, and vibrant production, the song perfectly captures the carefree essence of summer. Gwyn Love’s uplifting vocals, combined with La+ch’s energetic beats, create an irresistible groove that makes you want to dance for every minute, while the lyrics celebrate living in the moment and appreciating life’s simple pleasures, making it an ideal soundtrack for sunny days and fun-filled adventures, on this musical reminder to cherish each moment and embrace happiness.

Check out Gwyn Love and La+ch “happy 2 b here” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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