Frankie June – Big Suit

Frankie June – Big Suit

Anything worth talking about will truly have you lost for words! With so much music being able to be digested in different ways, some music is just truly undeniable and can only be looked at as great. It’s not too many songs that defy one’s preference but please believe me when I tell you that Frankie June’s new song “Big Suit” is one of those records you must drop everything and hear now.

It’s a brilliant heartfelt exploration of adulting and inner child healing. The lo fi folk pop blend merges perfectly with the heartfelt relatable lyrics, with the record addressing the universal feeling of pretending to have life figured out, especially when dealing with the mundane life tasks. The metaphor of being a kid in a trench coat, captures the essence of navigating adulthood without addressing our deeper emotional needs, with her warm vocals and relatable storytelling making this record both a charming and reflective anthem, reminding listeners of the importance of nurturing our inner child to truly thrive as adults.

Check out Frankie June “Big Suit” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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