Teefa – Problem

Teefa – Problem

Hip Hop is a genre of music that people come to not only hear music, but buy into an artist. hitting play on a record and seeing the person is the real deal, in their presence as they let their talent speak to us all to see if we stay invested in there artistry. With an artist like Teefa she doesn’t hesitate to let her flex be on full bloom and her latest song “Problem” is a stand out release for this promising creative.

Everything about this record is exciting and makes for an engaging experience of music worth every listen. The production packs major knock with heavy 808s that sets the right tone for us to get invested in, while Teefa’s powerful flow shining in its commanding presence to make you pay attention to the artistry coming to life, as her razor sharp lyrics make you marvel at her pen in a real way, to make true fans out of us all on incredible performance that doesn’t miss.

Check out Teefa “Problem” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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