yetep x Britt Lari – Whisper

yetep x Britt Lari – Whisper

Songs always have a special feel to them when they’re big time in their approach. When you are able to hit play on a song and the hear the appeal in the approach, that you know will take it far with a ready for the world sound that you know the world will love. That big time energy is what you get from this incredible release from yetep and Britt Lari called “Whisper”.

A major collaboration that results in a mesmerizing pop/EDM-infused ambient track that captivates listeners, with its ethereal soundscapes and emotive depth. The song seamlessly blends ambient textures with dynamic electronic elements, creating a rich auditory experience you can get lost in. Britt Lari’s hauntingly beautiful vocals float effortlessly over yetep’s intricate production, characterized by atmospheric synths, subtle beats, and a soothing yet powerful buildup. The reflective lyrics and immersive sound design evoke a sense of introspection and tranquility that showcases both artists’ ability to innovate within their genres, delivering a song that is both emotionally resonant and sonically captivating.

Check out yetep and Britt Lari “Whisper” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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