Drive!Drive! – Scatterbrain

Drive!Drive! – Scatterbrain

Music is easier to consumer than its ever been. So many releases and artists coming out, it’s truly had to stand out. As tough as it can be the artists who choose to use their creativity, to make their own original sound, always have a way of shining through and Drive!Drive! is a shining testament to that with the new song “Scatterbrain”.

A high-energy alt-rock anthem that delivers a punch, with its intense guitar riffs and powerful vocals that shake up the world. The track bursts with raw emotion, capturing the chaotic and frenetic nature to live up to the title. Dynamic percussion and driving bass lines underpin the song, to create a sense of urgency and movement, as the lyrics delve into themes of confusion and inner turmoil, resonating with listeners through its honest and relatable expression. Drive!Drive!’s explosive sound and fervent performance make “Scatterbrain” a standout track, embodying the spirit of alternative rock with its unapologetic intensity.

Check out Drive!Drive! “Scatterbrain” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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