Cam Black – Give Them Their Roses

Cam Black – Give Them Their Roses

Something that always makes a song grab you is when you feel the music. When a record goes beyond just having a nice sound that makes for a good listen, but getting something more to make you keep coming back, as you come back for the real experience. Especially if the record connects to the soul and that was Cam Black delivers on the new song “Give Them Their Roses”.

A soulful hip hop anthem that emphasizes the importance of appreciating loved ones while they’re still around. The song’s poignant verses reflect on the transient nature of life, urging listeners to express love and gratitude in the present moment. Bringing heartfelt lyrics together with a smooth beat, Cam weaves a narrative that encourages celebrating relationships and acknowledging the significance of those who impact our lives. The hook, “Give them their roses while they can see,” serves as a powerful reminder to honor and cherish our connections before it’s too late, to make a timeless Hip Hop piece.

Check out Cam Black “Give Them Their Roses” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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