504icygrl – Neck

504icygrl – Neck

Music can be enjoyable for an infinite amount of reasons. Especially with an art for that has so many different styles, but there’s no denying the impact a song can have when its just fun to hear. When you can hit play and your spirit is lifted due to the infectious energy in the music that takes over you in a real way. That experience of music is what you get from 504icygrl on her new must hear release “Neck”.

A fun upbeat booty shaking anthem that will keep you moving for time to come. As soon as you hit play the bouncy fun approach to the sound grabs you with playful melodies being met with hard drums that knock to the fullest, and 504icygrl serves as the perfect guide to this exciting world of music she brings to us. She has the charisma of stars and it shines through in the music majorly, as she brings major life to the catchy writing, that makes you have just as much fun as she does singing to make a audio masterpiece you won’t stop listening to.

Check out 504icygrl “Neck” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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