With music its always great to hear an artist shine in their talent but its something even more special when you can feel the power of an artist. When you can feel the commanding energy from them have an effect on you to the point, you get lost in the experience of it all, as you get invested in what they have to say in a real way. That type of stand out approach is what you get from G-SALIH on the new song “Execution (Freestyle)”.

A masterful smooth boom bap rap track that highlights his skillful flow and lyrical depth. The song features a classic Hip Hop feel, characterized by crisp drums and soulful samples, creating a nostalgic yet fresh sound to work over. G-SALIH’s delivery is both effortless and sharp, showcasing his ability to weave intricate rhymes and compelling narratives that shines. His confident voice and thoughtful lyrics offer a raw, unfiltered glimpse into his artistic perspective, on another standout testament to his talent and dedication to the roots of hip hop, for Hip Hop lovers everywhere.

Check out G-SALIH “EXECUTION (Freestyle)” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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