Music is always fun when it feels good to hear. When it’s able to give you something so fresh yet so familiar that makes you fall in love with the experience of the sound instantly. That type of feel always has a way of making come back for more with the infectious vibes of it all, going wonders to us all and thats what you get from this new release from NooN called “SNOOZE”.

A vibrant dance anthem that perfectly blends catchy melodies with irresistible grooves to make one major sound. The song’s genre bending approach and energetic production make it an instant hit on the dance floor, with the music making you want to move for every second. It captivates listeners with its playful lyrics and infectious energy, with the smooth vocal delivery that has a nice touch of R&B to them adding a unique charm, infusing the track with a lively, carefree spirit. This fresh release highlights NooN’s talent while also bringing a song that is just in time to shine for the Summer.

Check out NooN “SNOOZE” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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