Kaleia – Dead Weight

Kaleia – Dead Weight

The time that an artist has with the listener is very powerful. Having the full attention and power to give them something more than they came with. Whether it be a simple record that just gives the listener something cool to hear or even a ballad that relates to heartbreak. The possibilities are truly limitless and at the disposal at the creative, which makes it such a great responsibility for an artist to give the right message at the right time, and that’s what Kaleia does with her new song “Dead Weight”

A soulful exploration of shedding toxic relationships. The song’s smooth, chilly melody underscores powerful lyrics about recognizing and releasing burdensome connections that hold us back. Kaleia’s rich vocals convey a mix of pain, flavor, and empowerment, that resonates deeply with listeners who have faced similar struggles. The record’s seamless blend of contemporary R&B rhythms with classic soul influences creates an immersive listening experience, to not only showcase her vocal prowess that shines to the fullest but also her mastery in delivering a message about self-worth and the importance of moving on.

Check out Kaleia “Dead Weight” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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