Orrin – IN MY BAG

Orrin – IN MY BAG

One of the best things to come from this platform is getting familiar with incredible artists. Seeing their name and knowing you’re gonna hear something good, as you take in their fresh sound as well as bear witness to the continual growth of their artistry. That’s the case for Orrin with his new fun release “IN MY BAG”.

A boundary-pushing fusion of hip-hop and hyper-pop that ignites the senses with its infectious beats and bold experimentation. From the moment the pulsating rhythms kick in, listeners are transported into a world of vibrant soundscapes and genre-blurring innovation. Orrin’s slick flow effortlessly rides atop the dynamic production, delivering clever wordplay and catchy lyrics that resonates with authenticity, and its electrifying energy, to make a high-octane anthem that shines in it unapologetic confidence. It’s a testament to Orrin’s continual artistry and vision that pushes the boundaries of contemporary music to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

Check out Orrin “IN MY BAG” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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