KANNER – Rich Man

KANNER – Rich Man

Music is an art that has a way of empowering the listener like no other. Those anthems that catch you at the perfect time and say everything you need to hear to keep going. That type of music always showcases why music is such a big, as well as necessary part of our life and KANNER brings that type of music on her new empowering record “Rich Man”.

A shining record that stands tall as a bold pop-rock feminine anthem, empowering listeners with its fierce energy and unapologetic attitude. The song dismantles societal expectations and challenges the notion of a woman needing a man to make herself complete, when she is already everything that she seeks. KANNER’s vocals, filled with grit and determination, soar over a backdrop of pulsating guitars and driving rhythms, amplifying the anthem’s message of empowerment, to make a statement that is not just a song but a battle cry for women everywhere to embrace their strength, resilience, and inherent value, while rocking out to an infectious and empowering record.

Check out KANNER “Rich Man” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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