Bingo Players x Pure Shores – Summer Dreaming

Bingo Players x Pure Shores – Summer Dreaming

Now more than ever you can feel the resurgence of music with a House/ Disco touch. Bringing fresh life to the music scene, as we all look for records that we can dance to and enjoy life more due to its presence. That incredible infectious energy runs wild in the new collaboration from Bingo Players and Pure Shores called “Summer Dreaming”.

Its truly a record that cant be stopped, with the music feeling so good to hear its impossible to only listen one time. The danceable sounds works its magic in a real way with the dance pop approach, being layered to perfection with infinite grooves to make sure it makes you want to move as soon as you hear it. It not only marvels in the sound but the fun in the vocals makes it all connect even more, with a shining presence that gives the right amount of life to the music, to make a record that doesn’t miss in its pursuit to make us all fall in love with music again.

Check out  Bingo Players and Pure Shores “Summer Dreaming” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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