David Frank – Don’t Miss A Moment

David Frank – Don’t Miss A Moment

A great sound is one you can feel. That touch to the music that takes over you, as you put everything to the side to slow down, and the explore the sound you’re hearing. That music is always something great because it gives you an experience of music, that you can get lost in to make it timeless. That type of sound is what you get from David Frank on his new song “Don’t Miss A Moment”.

A one of a kind audio masterpiece that truly gives you everything. The production brings the perfect blend of Pop melodies and acoustic grooves, to make one ready for the world sound. The song not only marvels in the sound, but truly in its lyrical craftsmanship as well. Bringing us incredible heartfelt writing in the verses and big time chorus, while shining through in its presence vocally, as it conveys the right amount of emotion at every turn, to push the song forward in a real way, on this stand out record worth every listen.

Check out David Frank “Don’t Miss A Moment” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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