Wandering With – Drowning

Wandering With – Drowning

Music has many ways of connecting with you. Being a thing of such variety a song can truly grab you in many ways but there’s no denying, the power of a song that you feel the emotion in it. When it has a daring quality to it that bares itself to the world, and makes you not only connect to the music but the creatives behind it as well. That’s what you get from Wandering With’s new song “Drowning”.

A major record that captivates with its emotive lyrics and big time compelling production that makes it impossible to ignore. The track fuses Pop and Rock at a high level to create a mesmerizing backdrop for the poignant vocals. It brilliantly explores themes of emotional struggle and finding solace, with lyrics that resonate deeply to the core to serve up the chorus that is both haunting and powerful, blending electronic elements, with a pop sensibility that is both fresh and memorable. Wandering With’s ability to convey raw emotion through sound makes this a standout release, that highlights their major talent and must hear style of music.

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