PawPaw Rod – Rainy

PawPaw Rod – Rainy

A song can last with us for many reasons. Whether its a certain feel that we’re looking for that resonates or the content in the writing that makes it stands out, the reasons why we can enjoy a record is something without limits. One of the main reasons we all can enjoy a record is the fun we have while hearing it. Those records that do a little bit of everything right to make something that stands out to us. PawPaw Rod brings an ultimate jam with his new song “Rainy”.

A delightful blend of funk and soul, radiating with light-hearted charm and infectious energy. This upbeat track infuses classic funk elements with a modern twist, creating a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh. It’s catchy melodies flow perfectly with playful lyrics, that invites listeners to groove along with its irresistible rhythm. The smooth vocals effortlessly glide over the funky instrumentation, painting a picture of carefree joy and summer vibes, so whether you’re dancing in the rain or basking in the sun, this the perfect soundtrack for embracing life’s simple pleasures with a smile on your face.

Check out PawPaw Rod “Rainy” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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