Mike Nasa x Klara Zangerl x Dexter Eliot – Call Me Back (Keep It Steady)

Mike Nasa x Klara Zangerl x Dexter Eliot – Call Me Back (Keep It Steady)

Music is so many things. So many special things but something we always fail to recognize is how much of an art music is. Artists stepping to a blank canvas and bringing a vision to life. When creating a piece it can be anything and what Mike Nasa, Klara Zangerl, and Dexter Eliot chooses to do for their canvas is create a masterpiece with the new song “Call Me Back (Keep It Steady)”.

A collaborative creation that delivers a smooth fusion of hip-hop and R&B that oozes with irresistible grooves. The track envelops listeners in its lush, soulful melodies and laid-back beats, creating an atmosphere that’s both sultry and captivating. The slick rhymes effortlessly intertwine with the velvety vocals, while smooth production adds layers of depth and sophistication to make it all complete. This fresh release is more than just a song but a musical rendezvous that invites listeners to surrender to its seductive charm and lose themselves in its irresistible rhythm for time to come.

Check out Mike Nasa, Klara Zangerl, and Dexter Eliot “Call Me Back (Keep It Steady)” below. Stay Global my Friends!

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