lyhz – Temporary

lyhz – Temporary

There’s something special about a record that you can feel. A record you can hit play on and instantly feel the energy of the music resonating with yours, as the music takes control of you and you feel it all. A genre that has always captured this magic is R&B music. A style of music that is known for its soulful connection with the listener and lyhz embodies this perfectly with her new song “Temporary”.

An R&B masterpiece that tenderly navigates the complexities of love and loss, to immerse listeners in a poignant emotional journey. The smooth production packed with soulful melodies, creates an intimate atmosphere, allowing lyhz’s emotive vocals to take center stage. It delves into the transient nature of relationships, exploring themes of longing and acceptance with raw honesty, with the heartfelt lyrics capturing the bittersweet essence of fleeting connections, to resonate at a supreme level. The soul-stirring harmonies and heartfelt vocal performance work in perfect harmony, on this fresh reminder that even the most intense emotions can be fleeting, yet profoundly impactful.

Check out lyhz “Temporary” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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