Lucky Lou – Space

Lucky Lou – Space

People come to music for many reasons, with one of the most common ones being to have a good time. Those records that you can hit play on and feel the energy of the music that brings a party to life for the listener, to have a great feeling that they can get lost in and will want to keep coming back for more. That danceable sound is what you get from Lucky Lou on the new record “Space”.

A dance-pop jam that launches listeners into a cosmic adventure of pulsating rhythm and infectious grooves. The track shines with celestial synths and driving rhythms that propel listeners into orbit to live up to the title in a real way. The dynamic vocals soar amidst the interstellar soundscape, inviting audiences to lose themselves in the euphoria of the dancefloor, to take the listener on an exhilarating journey through the cosmos, where boundaries fade and spirits soar to keep us all invested and lost in the music for every second.

Check out Lucky Lou “Space” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends

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