Lorena Leigh – Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me)

Lorena Leigh – Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me)

With an art as subjective as music, its easy for it separate its fans. Everyone having their own preference on what they think makes great music, but as much as music can separate us it also has a way of bringing us together when its substance in the music. When you can relate to the music because of the soul and emotion to it that feels right on time. That experience is what you get from Lorena Leigh’s new song “Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me)”.

A special Pop anthem that bravely tackles the taboo topic of the menstrual cycle with infectious beats and empowering lyrics. The record perfectly blends catchy melodies with fun production, creating an anthem that celebrates femininity and challenges societal stigmas. Lorena’s sweet confident vocals deliver candid verses about the ups and downs of the menstrual journey, offering a refreshing perspective that resonates with listeners, on this rallying cry for menstrual positivity and self-acceptance, inviting everyone to embrace their bodies and own their experiences unapologetically.

Check out Lorena Leigh “Aspirin (Don’t Come For Me)” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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